Eclipse at Noonday - Biafra, Diaries Of Unwritten Stories

An historical novel
 by Mike Uriel Ogbechie

Mike Uriel Ogbechie, was born in Darazo, Bauchi State of Nigeria. He grew up in Port Harcourt where he schooled at government comprehensive secondary school. He later, after the civil war, attended the pilgrim Baptist grammar school, Issele-uku. Went to university of Nigeria, Enugu Campus where he studied architecture. He has been very active in architectural consultancy practice in a thriving fi rm offering consultancy services in and outside the country. Presently, has been an active advocate of the gospel of our lord Jesus Christ, proclaiming that only Jesus is lord and saviour to the glory of God the father.

From 1967 to 1970, the Republic of Biafra experienced the darkest of days. The Nigeria‒Biafra war, sometimes called the Nigerian civil war, fell upon them – thirty months of starvation, fright, and horror. Author Mike Uriel Ogbechie was there when it all happened.
The war truncated or, like I have succinctly put it, eclipsed the lives of several people, especially the youths at noonday.
However, most published books about that period lacked detail.
It is obvious that nothing much had been written about how the war affected the lives of the youth, the young ladies, and young men who were in the thick and thin of it all or how their lives, dreams, and aspirations were truncated or altered by the war.
In his attempt to unravel the unwritten diaries of the people of Biafra, he pens ECLIPSE AT NOONDAY.
Covering a wide spectrum, this book contains many unpublished and most times, unbelievable but true stories of that war and its after-effects. Emphasis has been laid to a large extent on events that happened behind the frontlines – how such actions affected the lives and the psyche of the populace. It unfolds the tension-filled period until the commencement of the war. Also included are the events that occurred shortly after the war indicating, to an extent, the short-term effects of the war on the lives of those of the fortunate survivors.

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