Let Your Silence Be Heard!

Ndi Igbo are part of Nigeria and often target of bombings and violence, especially in the northern part of Nigeria. Presently, the cases of suicide bombers increase, rapidly and people are dying in hundreds almost every week. Not only Igbos though, and not only because of bombings and violence. The very majority of the Nigerian population suffers since decades. For many decades now, they face violence in all its facets and intensity mostly forced by individuals or groups for political and/or socio-economic interests of some elites. It keeps the country down and with it impacts all peoples no matter where they live in the country. For many decades, the people of  Nigeria take the burden, always – the burden of ineffective, corrupt and selfish governance and injustice beyond imagination. Their daily struggle with poverty, insecurity, bad health care, inadequate education and lack of basic clean water and electricity must come to an end. They have been silent for too long and thus they have been taken for granted, for too long. The people cannot and shall not be silent, anymore.

That is why we, the Healing Nigeria Initiative challenge every NGO,  every single individual, every group, every church and mosque to join us in and/or to partner with our “Let Your Silence Be Heard”-campaign.

It is time for Nigeria’s people to stand up and uniting with ONE VOICE and that voice is for a safe and good quality of life for ALL NIGERIANS.

Therefore, Healing Nigeria Initiative in collaboration with GreenLife Entertainment, is about to start road show campaign in several cities across the country to mobilize the people for a silent call, every Wednesday at 12 noon. We appeal on all citizen to participate in this 7-minutes break from any activity. We shall start in Lagos on 4th of July, 2012 followed by Minna, Imo State, Rivers State and Abuja. 
It is never too late for you to jump on the bandwagon. We truly would be glad to have you on board. We need the help of all of you to make this campaign a success and to become an avalanche of peace loving but concerned and committed citizen that will overroll the country.

With this “Let Your Silence Be Heard”-campaign we, the people of Nigeria

1st: Condemn the bombings and violence in our country and demand an immediate stop,
2nd: Show our sincere empathy for ALL victims and their families,
3rd: Petition for sincere, open dialogue between the people of Nigeria and the Federal Government, on how to better the living-together and the welfare of every citizen in every region of the country,
4th: Call for more effective steps to end poverty, bad health care, insecurity etc.
5th: Offer our assistance and combined efforts to make our country a better place for all of us.
6th: Pledge to become ONE Interfaith and Intertribal Voice for A Safe and Wholesome Nigeria
7th: Challenge all Nigerians to join our Cause!

We shall not stop  until our voices have been heard and the responsible institutions act in our favour!
                            Nigeria is ours! The future is ours!

Last but not least, let us remember the words of two of our founding fathers. Dr.  Nnamdi Azikiwe who once said “Let us forget our differences” to which Ahmadu Bello replied “No, let us understand our differences. By understanding our differences, we can build unity in our country.”  Both were great leaders and they had a dream. A dream of a Nigeria in peace, unity and prosperity.
Let us join hands to make this dream come true, for us,  our children and the generations to come.

For more information, requests, suggestions or assistance kindly contact us.


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