An International Interdisciplinary Conference, Owerri, July 2012 (tentative date)  

At the intersection of Igbo religion and Christianity lie a deep sense of awe of the universe (wondrous world/uwa di egwu) and wonder about creation (creation/okike), the order of things, about life, about death and about hereafter. Both adherents of Igbo Religion and Christianity believe that divine beings control the sequence of events in creation and the affairs of human beings. And both believe that these supernatural entities could be influenced through supplication, prayers, and offerings. However, the theological imaginations, cardinal doctrines and affirmations, and the religious practices and acknowledgements of both religions seem to differ.

Emerging research by theologians, historians, linguists, archaeologists, folklorists, and anthropologists, however, suggest that the roots and fundamental tenets of Christianity may not be too far-fetched from traditional Igbo religion and vice versa. The International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Igbo Theology offers Igbo theologians, liturgists, philosophers, sociologists, folklorists, historians, and other scholars a context to share perspectives from their various disciplines and approaches for understanding Igbo Religion vis-a-vis Christianity - the dominant religion in Igbo land, and vice versa. The conference will address the pre-histories, subliminal influences, sciences, languages, and modes of worship, differences and possible points of dynamic convergence, with a view to smoothening out ambivalences that create serious dilemmas for adherents of both religions in Igboland.

1. Igbo Theological imaginations
2. Igbo Affirmations and Purpose (Oluokwu na Isu Uma Ndi Igbo)
3. Igbo Priestly Kings (Eze Igwe, Eze Ala, Eze Agwu, Eze Ji, etc.) and Priesthood
4. Communicating with Spirit World, Divinities, Deities, and the Dead
5. Religious Symbols and Images
6. intersection of Igbo religion and Christianity
7. History and Prehistory
8. Ancient Inscriptions and the Linguistic Phenomenon in Religious Practice
9. Gender and Gendering  


The conference organizers invite individual papers and panel proposals that explore the essential differences between the two religions as well as their overlapping similarities. Interested participants are invited to submit no more than a 300-word abstract for an individual/group paper or panel proposal in any of the themes listed above for consideration. The deadline for abstract/panel submission is January 31, 2012.

Please send your abstracts/suggestions to ticha.akuma@gmail.com and expect notification of acceptance by the end of February 29.

Akuma-Kalu Njoku (Ticha Akuma)
Chair, Planning Committee
Catherine Acholonu/Co-chair)

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