Ahiara Declaration

The Ahiara Declaration was a historic, political and ideological testament declared by General Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, the leader of Biafra at Ahiara Mbaise on June 1, 1969, during the heat of the Biafra War (1967-70),” Ahiara Declaration was a political and ideological testament, in which a vision of a new society was articulated in the light of the contradictions which brought the Federal Republic of Nigeria to the point of civil war and near disintegration in the late 60s of the last century.“Apart from the colossal destruction of human and material resources occasioned by the war, Ahiara Declaration is, indeed, the most significant outcome of that tragic episode. As a major historical manifestation of the war, it points particularly to the flowering of immense scientific and ideological genius of the intelligentsia, for whom the civil war was a challenge. 

The best way to view the Ahiara Declaration is to liken it to the place in history of the American pilgrim-fathers who set out from Europe and went to America to find a new society devoid of the contradictions in their home-land, Europe.“Many historians see the Ahiara Declaration as the most significant legacy of both Ojukwu and the Biafra which he led. It was authored by the Guidance Committee of Biafra, a body made up of the most outstanding elements of the Biafra Intelligentsia.

Read the Ahiara Declaration here.

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