You are in spiritual bondage of the invisible beings. You are in a negative world that is filled up with negative experiences. You are presently receiving various kinds of problems: hardship, sickness, poverty, zero fruit of the womb, marriage instability, hatred, spiritual attacks and so on. You have being trying to obtain a permanent solution to your problems, but it seems you are not getting any. Do you know what is wrong with you? Have you ever seek a remedy to a permanent solution to your problems? You have done so, I’m sure.
But my people perish because of lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6). In fact, you lack the right knowledge of the truth about the cause of your problems. And so, you begin to encounter difficulties in finding solutions to them. That’s true because 'problem not known can never be solve’. In another sense, 'if a ship does not know where its pot is selected, no wing can it consider favourable'.
Most times, you suspect your fellow human being to be responsible for what is happening to you. Some religious teachers have also confused you more by teaching you that a fellow human being or the Devil/Satan/Shaitan (as so-called) is responsible for your problems. Has any of these teachings and beliefs yield anything positive to your life? No.
Then, the bible promised that: “you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free (John 8:32)”. The truth here is that no Devil or Satan or Demon or Kal on earth is with or against your life. No human being of your type is responsible for your earthly problems.
This article is aimed at teaching you about the 'Spirit-Double', called Chi in Odinala religion--which exists in the personal world of each individual and which is highly responsible for all problems of the individual. The article will also go a longer way to teach you the techniques for contacting your own Spirit-Double--which is your first step to find a permanent solution to your earthly problems.

On earth, there is a personal world (uwa'm) usually invisible--a world created for each human being. It is inside your personal world that your soul operates; for example in the dream state. Think of those who engage in astral projection, soul travel, witch-crating and so on; they are operating in their individual personal worlds. A personal world is made for a human being alone. It is individualistic. That’s why one may not see each other in a dream state at the same time, even when they are dreaming at same time and sleeping on the same bed.
To monitor and control this personal spiritual world of each person, the Supreme Being assign each human being a 'personal godly guardian' or 'personal providence' or 'personal Deity'; which we called Chi in Odinala. So, Chi is therefore the second spirit that inhabits the personal world of each human being, hence, He/She is refered t oas ‘Spirit-Double'.
Cardinal F. Arinze (1978: 88) used the term 'Spirit-Double' to mean 'the spirit, or genius with which the Supreme Being has endowed every sentient being'. For E. C Ilogu (1974: 24), it is the divine particle in man by which he shares in the Supreme Being and the basis of man's immortality and communion with the ancestors'.

The Spirit-Double is completely different from a person's soul. When you look at the mirror, you see your mirror image. You may regard it as your soul because a person's soul is exactly his mirror image. But at the same time you're seeing your image on your mirror, there is another being that exists at the back of that image. You can neither see nor touch the being. You cannot even imagine the gender of that particular being. That being is your Spirit-Double -- the second being in you that make you exist like a three-in-one being. While your soul is your mirror image, your spirit-double, though, exist in human form can possess entirely different gender and shape, compared to yours.
The Spirit-Double together with the Personal World in Igbo is spoken as 'Uwam na Chim'…meaning 'my world/my portion and my destiny/personal deity. The soul (first spirit) controls the body; while the individual Spirit-Double controls the soul. In the Eastern and Western Mysticism, the person is operating with his soul which is the high consciousness but in Odinala, the person is operating with his Spirit-Double--the higher consciousness. And both the soul and the Spirit-Double are connected to the highest consciousness - Supreme Being.

There are many techniques for contacting your Spirit-Double, but as a matter of space and time, I may like us to consider only but four of them. They include: 1). A situation of double-mind in taking decision; 2). Inner Whisper; 3). Dreams; and 4). Visiting a Real Temple of Odinala etc.
Sometimes, you experience double-mind in taking decision. A situation of double-mind in taking decision is clear evidence that two beings are living in your personal world, thus: the soul and the Spirit-Double.
Your soul may decide what to do, but your Spirit-Double decides otherwise. In such case anyone you do isn't the one chosen by your soul rather, the one chosen by your Spirit-Double. Simply put, your ‘Spirit-Double' is far greater in power than your soul.
The two types of decisions one may take could be classified as either positive or negative decision. For example, your neighbour in the apartment where you live may be a kind of threat to your life. Then, decision to forgive him and live in peace with him is a positive decision; while decision to kill him is a negative one. Before you could reach consensus on what to do, there must be a concrete agreement between your soul and your 'Spirit-Double'. Two situations have been practically noted here.
First, if you are in a good relationship with your Spirit-Double, your soul may attempt to push you to decide negative whereas your Spirit-Double has already signed that you must decide positive. Unknowingly, your body must decide positive, after the short period of troubling with the two minds.
Second, if you doesn't know your Spirit-Double and you are not in a good balance with the being, your soul may attempt to cause you to decide positive but your Spirit-Double has signed that you must decided negative, so as to push you into other temptations or problems. At this point, the person must go and kill his neighbour, thus, committing abomination against Ala (Earth Deity).
Therefore, whenever you encounter a situation of double-mind in taking decision, something beyond your body and your soul is speaking to you. And your response (action) to such voice is a clear prove that you are contacting your Spirit-Double.

In time of problems or in a situation were you find yourself swimming in an ocean of problems, your mind does wanders. When your mind wanders, do you notice it's wandering? Are you able to bring it back? For example, when you're watching television, listening to a talk, or engaging in conversation, can you notice when your mind is drifting away? Can you then easily bring the flow of your mind back to the program, lecture, or discussion? Good. This is normal.
But the big question is: how do you notice that your mind is wandering? The big answer is here for you. Certain being that is a part of your consciousness alerts you that your mind is drifting. He/She views your mind and reveals to you through what we refer to as 'inner whisper'- (a kind of nudge) and says: "your thoughts are drifting away; come back”.
This special being which patiently and benevolently views your mind (and your emotions and actions too) is personally for you. And that’s your Spirit-Double. It is also called the Seer or the True Spirit.
Thus, with inner whisper, you are making occasional contact with your Spirit Double. If you can recognize the presence of your Spirit-Double through inner whisper, you're among the most fortunate people. Also, if you have been successful in contacting your Spirit-Double through that technique, you are at close-door to obtain a permanent solution to your earthly problems because you will one day be able to discern and enter into higher levels of awareness at will.

Dream occurs in one of the spiritual worlds, specifically, where we refer to as dream world (Ala-nro). In a pedestrian view, it involves human soul.
Now let us consider what happens during dreams. The body may be sitting on a chair or lying on the bed in Lagos (for example) but the person’s soul has migrated to his/her home town. Like the Eckist, this is a form of soul travel (the journey of soul in the spiritual world). In dream, all the makeup of the physical body is at rest and even the mind relaxed. The person is at rest with his/her eyes closed and body and mind not active (asleep). Yet when the person wake-up, he/she can still recall whatever dreamed about.
On earth, no person can control his dreams, cause it to occur or stop it from occurring. Nor can a person take a conscious decision in the dream state. Then, how does a person move a journey, perform activities or take decisions in a dream state?
The answer is very simple. Certain being that is greater in power than your soul is responsible opening the spiritual window and as well empower your soul to start working or performing actions there. That greater being is personally for you and that's your 'Spirit-Double'.
Thus, any day you have a dream experience, eventually try to acknowledge the truth that your 'Spirit-Double' operated that day. Dream is therefore, a cheap way of contacting your 'Spirit-Double'.

The first three techniques described above are good, beneficial and worthwhile. But you need a good teacher to tell you where you are coming from and where you are going as you apply them. So, the best way of contacting your Spirit-Double is by visiting any real temple of Odinala.
The person visits the temple to perform what we referred to as Chi-Divination (the process of identifying the Spirit-Double). Such divination reveals the actual gender of the person’s Spirit-Double. It will also reveal the requirements for cleanse of the same, so that the individual can consciously connect the Supreme Being. This is the secret behind obtaining permanent solutions to all your spiritual problems

Let us stop suffering in silence. Let us stop suspecting our fellow human being of being responsible for our earthly problems. And let us stop accusing one particular Deity ( Ekwensu) of being the cause of our individual problems.
Odinala teaches that: “whatever bestows to a man is what he settles with his Chi”. We must acknowledge that as truth in order to survive spiritually. In 'ife si na chi', we noticed that the good, the bad and ugly must come from our individual Spirit-Double; Chi'.
Thus, in order to find a permanent solution to your earthly problems, you must be aware that 'Chukwu di'......'Supreme Being exists', and also, that 'Chi di'.....’Spirit-Double exist'. You then, proceed to contact your own. This is the first step to find a permanent solution to an individual's earthly problems.
You can quickly save your life now. Tomorrow may be too late. Find a permanent solution to your spiritual problems.

Comr. Solo E.A
A Publication of
Ukoma & Duruojikeeme Spiritual Temple
(Ancient Mystical Order and Esoteric Brotherhoods)

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  1. this is a solution, and anyway, I have been noticing and regarding my Chi and see, with that I understood life much better.