"Onye Ozi" - New Igbo Film in the making

It is official! And it is happening for real!

In partnership with VOX AFRICA TV and proudly supported by the IFEANYI UBAH FOUNDATION, the makers of THE MIRROR BOY and LAST FLIGHT TO ABUJA are proud to announce that their new Igbo film is to be titled ONYE OZI (The Messenger.) 

An roaring comedy set in Peckham. Metumaribe (Metu) has just arrived from Lagos after a quick marriage to Mpkurunma. He has a 2-year plan to return back to Nigeria, very rich. At a party arranged to welcome him to London; Iyk, a white man is chased in and shot. While the crowd scrambles to leave the scene, Metu goes to help the dying man. Iyk puts a bunch of keys and an envelop in this hands just before he dies, Metu is now involved. No matter how much he runs and no matter how long it takes, he would never rest until  he delivers the message that would have various far-reaching repercussions for him and those around him. Auditions for this first of it's kind 'New
Nollywood Igbo film' will hold as follows:

NB: Auditions will be recored for broadcast in a series of Special Programmes on our partner TV station VOX AFRICA. Date: Saturday, the 17th of November 2012
Venue: RCCG House of Praise, Golden Arena, 2 Macbean Centre, Macbean Street, Opposite Lidl Store, Woolwich, London SE18 6LW (Cheap secure parking in Lidl underground parking across the road from the venue,
Train: Woolwich Arsenal Train station)  
Time: From 11am till 6pm on a first-come-first-served-basis. Everybody auditioning should speak Igbo fluently or be capable of learning same
within a very shot time. The second condition relates particularly to white
Below is a cross section of some the characters up for grabs. Please indicate the character you would be auditioning for in the forms available on arrival FREE OF CHARGE: 
1) Metumaribe: 30 years plus extrovert
graduate of Political Science from UNN with a stubborn optimism and too much
expectations for his fresh arrival in the UK. Fun, loud and innocently naive. Must speak Igbo.
2) Mkpurunma: Late 30's single mother of Sassy, loveable but insecure... lacking in confidence and willing to compromise her standards in men and life generally. Must speak Igbo.
3) Adaugo: Late 30's too, pretty friend to Mkpurunma. Single, fashionable, loves flash cars. She has an over-confident exterior but deeply insecure. Must speak Igbo. 
4) Munachim: Mkpurunma's son (9 years old). Spoilt little boy married to his mother. Must speak Igbo. 
5) Ogbenyealu: Mkpurunwa's mixed-race daughter (12 years) Attention-seeking rebel of a young woman. Must speak Igbo. 6) Iyk: 55 plus year old white man (caucasian) with a never say die attitude. He has a good soul that has been immersed too deep in the criminal underworld. Must be willing to learn Igbo. 
7) Anayo: Suave young man (Munachim's father). Handsome and well built.
Sophisticated Fashionista with a liking for loud colourful clothes. Just released from prison and about to go back. Must Speak Igbo.  
8) Pastor Mishack: Large bespectacled man with easy manners and smooth tongue. Must speak Igbo.  
9) Dr Ugo: Mid 30's psychiatric female white doctor. Very aloof and strictly
professional. Must be willing to learn Igbo. 
10) Mrs Lamber: Caucasian late 60's female with a dreamy, pained expression. Must be willing to learn Igbo. 
Then there are obviously some more roles with decreasing importance. To request an audition piece in advance, depending on the role you will be going for, please email your name and the role of your choice to 
onyeozi.themovie@gmail.com and you will be emailed one.
All emails requesting audition pieces would have to be received by 6pm on
thursday the 15th of November 2012. Audition pieces are written in English but apart from white characters, all others would have to do 2 performances. One one English, one in Igbo. There will be audition pieces available on
the day of the auditions too. For more info, please text or call 07424102301. All invited. Whether you are auditioning or not, come and support with your
presence..with some food or some drinks or some contribution to this worthy cause to propagate our language and culture.
This applies especially to Igbo people living around the venue: Woolwich, Plumstead, Thamesmead, Greenwich and Charlton. 
Thank you. God bless and see you all.

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  1. I ,too, have taken an interest in igbo cultire since by chance I purchased a painting signed with the name of "Ofu AKA.''. This name lead me to believe the language is Igbo. There are also dipicted the forest buffalo and a gourd bottle. The male figure holds a staff(stick).

    Another strange coincidence is that on my wall hangs another piece of art by Nigerian artist Onobrakpeya. Igbo women holding baskets are depicted.

    Both pieces of art were found in the USA.

    Obtaining these paintings has allowed me to become aware of the tragic plight of the igbo people in the world.

    Charley Brooks
    Bishop, Ga.
    to send email, remove the brackets